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What is Care4Teen?

Care4Teen is a unique child monitoring solution that helps parents feel more comfortable in knowing what type of activity their kids are encountering when online.

What is different with this parental control software versus others is that it allows you to choose, if you wish, to work with other parents that have the same types of views that you do. Care4Teen has what is called ‘CareGroups’ that you can review and find groups of parents that take an active role in selecting what can and cannot be viewed online.

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Other great aspects that this parental software provides includes is the logging of activity. This includes knowing where you child is searching online, who they might be speaking with by Chat, or what internet games they might be engaged in. You have the chance to view logs and also see video captures of their activity. Moreover, you do have the ability to see in real time, there is actually a time lag sometimes of about 10 or so seconds, though you can watch what your child is doing on the computer.

You can also view activity online from anywhere you have an internet connection and can connect via a browser. Lastly, and also what is quite helpful is the ability to choose to block traffic or say ‘black list’ certain traffic so that your child does not go to a particular site or sites. There are a number of Care4Teen features too that you can learn more and for platforms that support this software solution click here.

Now….let’s look at why this child monitoring software can help you.


Why You Would Want Care4Teen

You may encounter on the news or hear from friends of kids being bullied now online, or you may be concerned that you child is seeing offensive content or engaging in inappropriate chat or instant messaging. You child might also be playing violent games without your knowledge. Being able to block traffic and knowing what your child might be doing on the Internet can provide you with a better feeling because you can address any issues quickly. You can also avoid possible conversations that you may not want to be having with your kids too soon on sensitive subjects.

Again, this software allows you to block out traffic and if you choose to work with a CareGroup already active you can always have parents blocking traffic much faster when a new pops up the next day that is not appropriate your child. Of course, you can always create your own group and block traffic on your own too. So as a parent, I feel it’s important to protect your kids online and Care4Teen can help you with this.


Care4Teen Review Summary

If you are looking to monitor your child online Care4Teen does provide an internet blocking software solution, along with logging activity, and monitoring in real time activity. This software can be applied to watching web, video, chat, and game activity online.

The Positive Aspects of this Parental Control Software is That Includes:

  • The unique ability to work with like-minded parents to block unwanted sites and the ease in being able to allow or block traffic.


  •  If you to want you can get the parental service for Free, if you take an active position in accepting and blocking sites, you are rewarded points that you can use towards your payment for the service.  See more details at here.


  • Easy To Install


  • Easy To Use


The Issues That I Have With This Software Company:

  • The support is not great…though the software should be easy enough to use where you should not need to reach their customer service.


  • Another downside that I found was that while they do have a demo, which I like, it does not provide all of the features that you get once you signup.


  • Subscription based cost – I put this here because there would be then an annual cost. I would look at going with the shortest period to test it out.

The upside though to this though is that they are updating and upgrading their software to always take care of Internet threats and your ability to work with other parents. I don’t know if you really would get the same parental protection especially from lower cost offers or ones.

Overall, though I do think that Care4Teen does still provide a good solution for those looking to watch over their kids online.

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